BA Design Cultures (2013-15) Dress & Identity Video Project

  • My Movie

    The Young Professional

    Sam Jones has achieved the rare feat of being able to call himself the boss, while still only in his late twenties. Sam and his agency TunaFish media are just one of the many rising organisations amongst Manchester’s design world. Tunafish is an aspiring multi-media agency, specialising in short marketing videos But how is it that […]


    This is Me.

    Nida Zamir In this piece of footage we delve into the fashion fiesta that consumes the lives and minds of many but here we focus on the mind of one; Tafara. She allows you to see and understand why she dresses the way she does  and the affect it has on her identity as a whole […]

  • Markets Represent

    Markets Represent

    Maxim Leefe How much does the world around us really influence our sense of identity? Markets have been around for generations, yet they still remain, each having their own personality and individuality. Matthew is a stall owner on East Street Market, he believes that even if you wear a certain style of clothing, you can […]

  • Design Cultures Live Interview

    Style Over Age

    An interview with Peggy a newly retired mother of three and grandmother of six on her personal identity and how she wont allow herself to fit the “mould” of how a retired elderly person should dress or behave, she explains her unwillingness to compromise and how her style has developed over the years, Peggy explains […]

  • The Smart Style

    The Smart Style

    What made Honey successful in her job is also due to how she dress herself and her attitude towards to the clients of the gallery where she works. Her activity is very much based on the way she performs with people, that is why she describes her style casual and smart. Among the different tasks […]

  • Showing the Identity... or not?

    Showing the Identity…or not?

    Sylwia, 20 years old polish girl who dresses casual, explains us that not always  dress code and personality have a very strong connection, and that to wear a uniform as much as it can be “frustrating” and tiring can still be acceptable if it’s  at least well designed. Identity is not always a matter of […]

  • “Successful Living” — One’s notions of their Dress, Home and Identity

    The successful, creative and charismatic Jacqueline Taylor decodes her personal sense of identity, expressed through her clothing, notions of culture and overall taste in design. Her unique viewpoint of how one’s identity is expressed really does make us think about these things; who are we? and what role do we play when in the many […]

  • Guinness Trust

    Guinness Trust

    By Maeve O’Brien Social housing has falling on turbulent times and with our newly elected conservative government it s set to continue into demise for the foreseeable future. Meet Ciaran. Slipping into the middle ground between as a temporary resident awaiting the demolition stage by stage of the Guinness Trust Estate in Brixton, replacing the […]

  • Studio-frequency identification

    Madeline Stack is an Australian poet, artist and writer living in London. In this short interview , filmed in her studio at goldsmiths where she is completing a masters in fine art, we learn how she dresses when wanting to impress and why she needs to apply lipstick before she writes. Maddie discusses how both […]

  • His 'Wardrobe Essentials'

    His ‘Wardrobe Essentials’

    The phrases ‘leisure clothes’ and ‘clothes to work’ do not have to be the opposites. Robert, a fashion photographer reveals his unexpected ‘home office’ dress code whose appearance leaves a lot to be desired. Robert’s outfits are not only dressing down – heedless of field he is working in he wears dirty t-shirts and old […]

  • Calm and Collective

    Calm and Collective

    by Maisie Sellick Travelling at a young age is seen as a necessity to almost everyone I have spoken to – it’s the thing to get out of the way before you settle down with a full time career and possibly even a family. Coco has moved to England from Australia on a working visa […]

  • I don't dress up for the pleasure of someone else

    ”I don’t dress up for the pleasure of someone else”

    Meet Javier young Spanish male studying and working in London. Home should be a place of relaxation and comfort and our clothes should reflect it. But what if you have someone coming over? Javier explains how other people affect his choice of clothes even in his comfort zone. He talks about how the colors show […]

  • It's all about confidence

    It’s all about confidence

    Created by Nevenka Trias Ludzik Emily is a British Textile Artist, with an extensive experience in fashion making accessories. She opens the doors of her home where she has her workshop, although she prefers to work at her kitchen table with a view of the garden. Emily has a particular appreciation for silk as a […]

  • Fifty shapes of dress

    Fifty shapes of dress

    It is intimately relationship between identity and dress, because clothes will express and shape identity. People could judge your social class and your taste by your dress. Miss Gabby comes from Lithuania and lived in Britain for 4 years now. It is clear that Gabby has highly confidence of express self-consciousness through her dress. She […]

  • Life at the Bar

    Student and soon to be barrister Luka Maxted-Page, welcomes us to step into his world where the environment in which he is demands one to always appear formally and professional. As you will see in this short film, almost everyone respects this dress code as they have high standards to upkeep. Nonetheless the clients associate […]

  • “I’m a chameleon when it comes to style”

    How do you keep your identity whilst experimenting with trends? In this short film, we meet Ally, a graduate student at the London College of Fashion. Ally reveals how no matter what she wears, she can always “infuse” herself in her appearance. Ally tends to dress depending on her mood, and feels clothing gives you […]