BA Design Cultures (2013-15) Dress & Identity Video Project

  • Poor Little Rich Girl

    Poor Little Rich Girl

    Being born and raised in a villa, eighteen year old Anastazia talks about what she usually wears at home, when she goes out and also talks through some of her favorite pieces of clothing. During this interview it is easy to see how the environment she has been raised in has affected the way she […]

  • Faceless Uniform

    Do you mask yourself for your job? In this short film, a 24 years old woman, Rita, presents herself in relation to her work environment. Working in a five-star luxury Hotel in London, Rita talks about her adaptation to her work place in terms of self behaviour and how her ‘appearance has to be according […]

  • Blue and Yellow by Georgia Coward

    Blue and Yellow

    In this fascinating short, we are offered a brief glimpse into the mind of Jamal Robinson, full-time student and part-time ‘dream maker’ at IKEA. We will watch as he reveals the potential struggles of simply being “the guy that works here” in a global cooperation. Here he gives an invaluable insight into what its like […]

  • Life at the Bar

    Life at the bar

    Student and soon to be barrister Luka Maxted-Page, welcomes us to step into his world where the environment in which he is demands one to always appear formally and professional. As you will see in this short film, almost everyone respects this dress code as they have high standards to upkeep. Nonetheless the clients associate […]

  • Red lipstick in professional way

    Red lipstick in professional way

    What is the identity of a luxury department store? As a staff in Selfridges, she gave me an overall answer about the representation of diverse personality in different galleries. Very chic, professional appearance and nothing to crazy, these words are the feature of central gallery where she works at. Using navy colour to present tidy […]

  • Experiential Retail & The Canary Wharf Experience

    Experiential Retail and the Canary Wharf Experience

    Luanna Bennett, an information and performance analyst for paediatric neurosciences regularly frequents canary wharf with her boyfriend. Luanna takes pride in her appearance; she pays attention to the little details and puts great thought into her aesthetic without being ostentatious. They enjoy myriad of different activities from casual lunches to expensive shopping trips and relaxing […]

  • clara patamia

    Italianity: The Art of being an Italian sommelier

    Giusy, an Italian sommelier in the UK, describes how sommeliers used to dress up very smart and elegant for work and how this could change depending on the current situation, but above all she tells us how gratified is to be recognised as Italian for her outfit. Sometimes we do not realise how essential a […]

  • The Corporate Self

    The Corporate Self

    A dress code does to some extent inform us how to meet the expectations of a particular environment. The attire may be experienced by the carrier as either a restriction of the self expression or a tool to enhance ones professionalism. We meet Diana Turchi in her home in East London. She has for the […]

  • A Creative Corporate

    Working in the fashion industry is not necessarily seen as the common professional environment with regards to the usual London businesswoman stereotype. But with a creative job, why not express your ingenious identity through dress and appearance through your work clothes? So should an individual in a creative workplace still dress professionally? Or should I […]

  • My Kitchen - My Self

    My Kitchen – My Self

    “My Kitchen – My Self” is a portrait of Azusa Yasui – a modern Japanese woman, emphasized on her experience in attiring as a home-based medical secretary. However, having lived abroad for over fifteen years, for Azusa, it was never the question of “what to wear”, but rather the question of “who she is”. In […]


    Coming from a small town in the countryside of Brazil, Carmen Manzano moved to England by herself with the young age of fourteen. During this interview, it is possible to understand how moving to London has influenced her personality and the way she present herself online trough her weblog named Obsessive Compulsive (Obsessiva Compulsiva in […]

  • Uniforms or yourself?

    Uniforms or yourself?

    Paul is an Irish, Hospitality Management student, currently in an intership program in a five-star luxury Hotel in Mayfair. Where uniforms are associated with different codes, indicating gradations of status, rank, role, occupation, character and performativity. Also, they prescribe a range of responses, identities are placed, values appraised, moods appreciated and attitudes anticipated. Paul received […]

  • Albaker dress and identity in officescapes

    “Formal dress for women makes men think twice”

    We all know how much a person’s identity can be revealed through their clothing choices. In a formal, classical, Middle-Eastern bank an interview was held revealing a female banker’s taste and sense of identity within her office scape. Can her taste in clothing reveal any of her personality’s characteristics? Can identity be constructed by adding […]

  • Mother, Maker, Wife.

    Mother, Maker, Wife

    by Lauren Clarke. What is it about the human mind that makes us feel the need to have a strong sense of identity? Is it the fact we’re scared we’ll fade into nothingness if we’re not important or needed? Often mothers of young children are used only as a middle man to their children, who […]

  • Sequence 02

    Identity of a Youth (2014)

    How does a university student show their identity through their style? In this interview we have Choni Gurung a 19 year fashion student. Choni talks about how she uses inspiration to style herself, from social media sites, bloggers and fashion gurus. She speaks about how her identity comes from her moods, how she feels is […]

  • Style Over Policy (2014)

    Ashleigh works for a major high street fashion chain. she raises a number of interesting questions.Why for example are sales assistants expected to buy and wear the clothes they are selling? Is it ethical for a company to expect its employees to reinvest their wages back into the company? Is it necessary for employees to have […]