BA Design Cultures (2013-15) Dress & Identity Video Project

  • A City Gent Takes a Stroll

    A City Gent Takes a Stroll (2014)

    City worker Anthony takes a stroll through East Londons’ Victoria Park on the hottest day of the year so far. He is usually found wearing the conventional male workplace dress of a three-piece suit and tie. No work today and this 23 year-old Dorset native finds comfort in wearing casual attire. What could be the […]

  • How International University students dress

    Identity of an International University Student (2014)

    How  do international university students dress? In this video we have Vera, a 19 year old B.A Journalism student from Vienna Austria.Vera talks about her personal identity in a claimed manner. Throughout the short clip we can get an immediate understanding of how fond she is of Cats, this is shown from her necklace. She […]

  • Who serves you at Selfridges?

    Who Serves You at Selfridges? (2014)

    Fanny-Jane is 21 year old French Canadian, working in the designer women’s wear department at Selfridges. Zooming in to her personal life we discover an interesting creative personality. As her story unfolds we learn about how she fits into her role as a sales associate and how she has to “tidy herself up” and modify […]

  • Baldhead & Orange Robes

    Baldheads & Orange Robes (2014)

    What does a Buddhist look like? Some may tell you that a Buddhist is a mysterious figure with a bald-head that resides in a monastery or mountains, possibly in a country such as Nepal or China, wears orange coloured robes and chants a multitude of mantras before and after a reclusive session of meditation. Jamel, […]

  • What about Identity at home?

    What about Identity at Home ? (2014)

    How much can what you wear at home say about you? To what extent do your personal choices and tastes reveal your cultural background? The answers lie in Donna’s haven and her identity is drawn through the great atmosphere of her home. How does she keep a happy home? What is domesticity for her? How does she […]

  • I don't care, They don't care

    I Don’t Care, They Don’t Care (2014)

      Visiting a Housing Estate in East London, I wondered if the place where one lives could affect or change one’s fashion identity. What has come out from my interviewee’s answers is her sense of being small and her lack of identity in the huge council estate environment and also, a tendency of separation from […]

  • A mother's identity through dress and garden

    A Mother’s Green Haven (2014)

    In this video, this Provencal typical garden which, in a way is friendly and warm reflects indeed the identity of this woman in that it defines her personal space, away from the gaze of others. Helene manages her life between filling in the role of a full time mother and part time gardener. Her personality […]

  • Manu: A Creative Personality

    Manu: A Creative Personality (2014)

    Manuela talks about her messy but creative job where her tidiness ironically stands out as an expression of her identity. The change of the priorities in her professional and personal life have been reflected in the way she shows herself to the others and how she feels comfortable between the walls of her own house. […]

  • The Art of Dressing Naturally 1

    The Art of Dressing Naturally (2014)

    The way we dress is usually subject to the context we are in, but how much does the environment come in to play? Bird watchers and conservationists are an elusive breed. Out of sight, out of mind. The human chameleons of our society… except when caught in florescent pink. But what are they really like? […]

  • Identity is the Crisis, Can’t You See (2014)

    Shot on an overcast day in Loughborough Junction, London, we meet Izzi Valentine, connoisseur of D.I.Y ethics and communal living. In this playful look at style and the self, Izzi expresses a yearning for liberation: from social constructs, from consumerism, from gender roles, and all other forms of oppression. This tacit nonconformity is something that […]

  • The Suit

    The Suit (2014)

    Ryan, a recruiter for Proactive tells us about work life in a suit. Casual wear can slowly creep its way into professionalism as Ryan points out ‘Casual Fridays’. A suit will represent who you are, professional and reputable, but also you represent whom you work for and make professional relationships stronger. In the workplace you […]

  • I am Who I am Not

    I Am What I Am Not (2014)

    This film explores some of the choices individuals make to place their identity , both privately and socially in society  using dress and interior design as the chosen medium. Dress, an aspect of different designscapes, counts for the part of the identity that one physically puts on to the body and wear on the skin […]

  • Representing Luxury

    Representing Luxury (2014)

    Working in a luxury department store Alex has to combine fashion knowledge with being an assistant to customers. Makeup, high heels and black clothing dominate her look for work. Looking professional and approachable is merged with Alex’s own style and secondary student life. This film depicts how her two lives are shown through the outfits […]

  • Dolly Dress or Suit?

    Dolly Dress or Suit? (2014)

      What is being professional in the workplace? What are the dynamics that take place? Juliette is acutely aware of her appearance and the effect it has. The depth of her self-critique expresses the responsibility she feels towards herself and her customers in the 1950’s boutique where she works. By choosing to wear a suit, she creates an environment […]

  • Confidence from comfort

    Confidence from Comfort (2014)

    A three-minute film about someone who works in an office in Shoreditch, where the City rules doesn’t matter. Her work still gets done, no difference of what she wears. Why do we think that it is important to wear a suit and a tie to seal the deal? Has she ever been told any rules […]

  • Sequence 01

    I’m Not ‘Just a Housewife’ (2014)

    Throughout this short film it is clear that self expression through dress is an important part of Julie’s life as a house wife. Julie talks about the lingering stigma of being ‘just a housewife’ and how she doesn’t just ‘need to be in her pinny looking frumpy’. She feels that women can now dress as […]